Welcome back to our loyal members and welcome to our new members.
Most of you will know who we are and what this Prediction Game is all about but just incase you don't please read on...!

The rules are simple.
Predictions have to be 'in' an hour befor the game starts.
(Don't forget to visit every day befor the game(s) start.
You can put in up to 3 days in front (7 for premiership) - or if you are a sponsor you can put them all in, just to be sure.
Failure to enter in time will give you an instant yellow card for that game.

Three yellow cards = One Red card and a loss of 2 points.
Get the game wrong = a yellow card.
Get the winner right or predict a draw and three points get added to your score.
Get the winning score right and get five points added to your score.

Summary: 5 points for a correct score and correct team. 3 points for a correct team.
Yellow card for incorrect prediction. On the third yellow it is an automatic red card and 2 points are deducted.

Checks are in place and anyone found circumventing the system to improve their score will have
100 points deducted and have to buy the beers for everyone. You have been warned!

Games will be run in the order played or in the event of 2 or more games being played at the same kickoff time, in the order that they are listed.
In the event of a game being suspended we will move the game to the end of the league until it is played or, in the event it doesn't get played we will take the score as it was before suspention and include it as soon as we know that it is not being played.

Addendum: these rules have been added since last game:
We have added a limit to how many days in front you can predict to 3 (7 premiership). If you want / need this limit removing then send us a donation :)
*GOLD Mini League: The cost of membership to the GML is now free, to qualify you need to be a member before the group stages have ended (end of week 15 Premiership). The winner(s) of the GML will share a cash prize.

Take a look at the LEAGUE TABLE and see how it works, basically it is just like the Football League Tables so the more points you get the higher in the table you will go..! We also offer a MINI LEAGUE TABLE where you can have a table of your own for friends and family to compete against yourselves - most members with a MINI LEAGUE TABLE put in some money each and the winner of that MINI LEAGUE TABLE wins the cashpot that they have organised between themselves.

We do charge a small fee to cover our admin services to set up the MINI LEAGUE TABLE (Free for 5 or more players) but we DO NOT charge per person in the MINI LEAGUE TABLE we just charge for each PRIVATE MINI LEAGUE.

And that is it...Easy, straight forward and a great addictive game to play for FREE..!


The instructions are as simple as the rules.
1. You need register. Registration is FREE of charge as it always has been.
2. Validate your registration. You will automaticaly get an email with a link, click the link.. done (we have had to start doing this due to the number of people who entered wrong email addresses and then couldn't log in!)
3. Login and enter your predictions.(Up to 3 days worth - unless a sponsor)
4. Buy Lyn and Jay beer :) (worth a try)


About Jay

Jay is the proud founder of the Prediction Game that started off as EuroJay and WorldJay that started in 2002.
Jay is a graphic designer with a passion for design and his love of football. The game was once voted in the Web Active magazine as being the 3rd best online prediction game and even beat Fifa's own prediction website who came 5th..! Now that's an acheivement.

About Lyn (Brains)

Lyn - Username !Brains is the brains behind this wonderful game. Lyn added his magic and of course experience and knowledge and managed to get this website databased and fully functional (most of the time).
Lyn is yet to discover that his Brains will one day earn him a pretty penny because I don't think there is anything Lyn us unable to do when it comes to website/database coding (hence why jay is such a good friend with him).


This website is run purely by no funding what so ever, so all the domain and hosting services and the cash prize is paid for by Jay and Lyn, we rely on donations to help keep the website running and to help towards the cash prize for the overall winner, we also rely on our members to click the banner advertisements and simply browse through the pages when they click through and (hopefully) purchase an item after they have clicked through because although each click is just pennies to us, the pennies can mount up over the months and help pay towards the running of this website...
So go on, click and surf or donate and help..!